31 August 2018 | Taiping Lake Garden

Nasi Lemak Giveaway

31st August 1957 is a sacred date in Malaysia. It is a remembrance of Malaysia’s Independence Day. Geli Geli Kucing has once again initiated a small scale event which includes Taiping folks. We have the opportunity to host a giveaway session at Taiping Lake Garden.

It was a great exposure to celebrate multiracial and distributed each one ‘Nasi Lemak’ with a tiny flag accessorise on it. It was a message of unity and embracing our differences. With ‘Nasi Lemak’ we can eat, laugh, and in fact enjoy it together. ‘Nasi Lemak’ is an epitome of truly Malaysian. Who doesn’t love ‘Nasi Lemak’?

15 September 2019 | Bulatan Amanjaya, Meru Ipoh

Nasi Lemak Giveaway 2.0

We are proud to be Malaysian, aren’t we? In conjunction of 15th September 2019, Geli Geli Kucing (GGK) had once again stood for unity and chose ‘Nasi Lemak’ as a symbol to celebrate indifference and joys.

Bulatan Amanjaya is chosen for the location merely to take the opportunity to interact with the communities surround. It was a fruitful day to engage with prospects and everyone was happy.

27 January 2019| Padang Astaka Sitiawan, Manjung

Nasi Lemak Giveaway 3.0

If you could possibly search via social media, we are truly rooting for this hype of giving away ‘Nasi lemak’ to public. Just search for #nasilemakgiveaway, we bet you will definitely see us getting featured. Truly an accessible course for everyone, Padang Astaka Sitiawan has been chosen as the 3rd location for this respective event. Apart of celebrating Manjung folks in general, we were happy to introduce to everyone on our 3rd branch of Geli Geli Kucing(GGK). In addition to that, we did receive warm feedbacks from prospects on their needs and wants on cat’s necessity in a cat store.

6 February 2019 | Lumut Waterfront, Manjung

Nasi Lemak Giveaway 3.0

Nasi Lemak Giveaway 4.0 was set to be in Manjung again. It was double the number compared previously. This was once again hosted merely to increase the visibility of Geli Geli Kucing(GGK) branch in Manjung’s district. We were thinking off some places that have lots of open crowds beside mall. Lumut waterfront has been chosen and it was super fun with the scenery and all. Plus, we got to promote the same date and day event, GGK Spa Day out. All in all, Manjung folks were lit.

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